Where do you work? What are your office hours?

I have closed my office in Cary, NC for the time being due to Covid-19. I'm still available, however, for convenient, effective coaching by phone or video chat on Mon and Wed 12 - 7, Tue and Th 10 - 5 EST.

How do I schedule?

You can book a free, introductory Clarity Call online here, or if you are a regular client, you can book your coaching conversations online here

What do I need to know about coaching by phone?


I recommend you use a headset or speakerphone so that you can have hands-free body awareness. Also, please choose a time when you will have privacy and be free of distractions.

What do I need to know about coaching by video?


I'll send you a Zoom invite when you schedule with me. Zoom is my preferred video platform because I feel it provides the best visibility. It's also now end-to-end encrypted. If you'd prefer another end-to-end encrypted video platform, however, like FaceTime, Signal, or What's App, just let me know.

What is a life coach/personal development coach?


The International Coach Federation defines life coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential." A personal development coach is a coach who emphasizes the development of inner capacities as foundational to everything else. The term, however, is synonymous with life coach.

What is a coaching container?


For me, a coaching container is:

a safe, reflective space for another to clarify and speak their truth in

an artful, candid space that allows for shifts at the level of belief system

a respectful space that honors the body's wisdom

a spacious space that encourages another to birth a new level of awareness

a focused space that supports another to manifest something very meaningful to them

Who is your ideal client?


You're my ideal client if you resonate with the following statements:

There is some cherished way I desire to become more satisfyingly me.

I want to focus my attention on that desire.

I would like a coach to help me focus my attention.

I value honest conversation and powerful questions.

I trust the information my body gives me.

I value personal growth and am willing to step outside of my comfort zone.

What will happen during my Clarity Conversation?


During this free, 25-minute phone or video chat conversation, I'll ask you questions that allow you to gain some clarity about what you are truly longing to experience and how you can begin to answer the call of your potential. You'll get a feel for my coaching presence, and you can ask me questions about my policies, pricing, etc.

How much time will I have to devote to coaching?


This answer will depend on your vision, where you are in your journey, your circumstances, and your level of commitment. It will also, of course, depend on my coaching skills, which is why it's important for us be a good match.


You'll need a half hour or an hour a week to meet for our coaching conversations, and you'll also be devoting some time each week to your Individual Development Plans. The practices and exercises that comprise these plans will emerge from our coaching conversations and most will be easily folded into your daily routine. Our goal here will not be to make you busier, but to actually free up some space so that your deeper truth and creativity can emerge.

The actions steps you choose to take will require various amounts of time. However, you might identify certain things you can do less of or some things you may be willing to let go of. In fact, letting go of what no longer serves you tends to occur naturally as you become more satisfyingly you.

What methods of payment do you accept?


I accept:



American Express





What are your refund and cancellation policies?


If you can’t complete a package or simply decide that you don’t want to complete it for any reason, I’ll happily refund you for the unused portion. Regarding cancelling and rescheduling, thank you for doing so within 24 hours of your appointment time. Missed appointments and/or appointments not cancelled or rescheduled within this 24-hour time frame will be deducted from your package, unavoidable emergencies accepted.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?


In general, therapists can help you explore and understand undesirable patterns of behavior that you formed in the past. They can also offer suggestions and resources that will help you more effectively manage that behavior. And if you experienced trauma in your past, therapists who are trauma specialists can help your nervous system literally process the information that overwhelmed you at the time you experienced it.


By contrast, a life coach's role is to help you clarify your deepest longings, gather your inner resources, and intentionally create your most fulfilling life. While conditioned patterns of behavior will definitely be a part of some of these conversations, as a coach I won't delve into your story or try to help you process trauma. I will, however, help you identify and shift underlying beliefs, and I'll hold space for your emotions as they arise. I'll also help you become aware of the subtleties of the habit nature you're wanting to change, and I'll help you consciously choose and practice new ways of being in the world - new ways that support you actively creating your desired future. 

Is life coaching for me?


Life coaching emerged in the 1980s from the human potential movement of the 60s and 70s, with Thomas Leonard being the first person to call himself a coach in this context. Leonard was a financial advisor responding to his clients requests for help. He noticed that while they didn't seem to need therapy, they did need help planning their lives and achieving their goals.

In the 1990s, life coaching began to revolutionize the corporate world, with many organizations embracing the idea because they realized that when leaders become more self-aware, organizations run more harmoniously, goals are met more easily, and all team members tend to experience greater job satisfaction.


Since then, life coaching has come a long way, becoming increasingly developmental, somatic, holistic, and spiritual. Now life coaching is for anyone willing to commit to the honest, internal exploration that will allow them to take authentic action. It's for anyone who wants to experience more ease, joy, and fulfillment in their life. Is this you?!

How can I prepare for my coaching conversations?


You can maximize your coaching time by entering into the conversations knowing what you'd like to focus on and what you'd like your session outcome to be. This awareness isn't necessary though. Any way you show up will be fine.

"Active participation in the living present creatively advances into a glorious future."

Haridas Chaudhari

Integral Philosopher & Founder of the

California Institute of Integral Studies