Kim Jordan, MA

As your coach, I will show up for you because:

I'm curious about your genuine longings and impulses.

I believe that when you clarify and act on your genuine longings and impulses, you will access and live into your deepest potential.

I'm called to coach human potential into being. It's an honor to participate in the process and a joy to witness the emergence.

I value the personal challenge coaching demands; it helps me live into my deepest potential.

I believe that as we all show up more fully, we create a more loving, vital world.

I use the Presence Based Coaching Model.

Presence Based Coaching (PBC) was founded by thought leader Doug Silsbee who defines presence as "the most resourceful, ready, resilient inner state available to all of us at every moment." The PBC coaching model is developmental, which means that the client "is growing into her potential, becoming increasingly intentional and proactive about what she wants to achieve and who she wants to be.” To support such "accelerated individual development," Presence Based Coaching offers a profound synthesis of the following fields:

  • mindfulness: the capacity to be "exquisitely responsive" to the present moment

  • somatic awareness: engaging the body to reveal truth and create lasting change

  • leadership training: the cultivation of accountability, resourcefulness, resilience, and authenticity - traits that can allow you to lead your best life

I've completed two broad master's degree programs that reflect my interest in human evolution & human potential.

In 2015, I completed the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, California. This extraordinary program ”is dedicated to reimagining the human species as a mutually enhancing member of the Earth community."

I can honestly say this program provided me with the most satisfying intellectual experience of my life and led me to the deepest spiritual experience of my life… so far. I was particularly drawn to courses that allowed me to explore soul, creativity, and the evolution of human consciousness.

I also completed an earlier master's degree in Human Performance in the 1980s. This program was offered at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. It allowed me to study both psychology and physiology and provided me with a balanced base for my subsequent studies.

I have 20 years of experience with a transformational inquiry method.

Prior to my discovery of Presence Based Coaching I devoted 20 years of my life, both personally and professionally, to a verbal inquiry method. This method allowed my clients to free themselves from beliefs that were limiting their ability to create a fulfilling experience, and it allowed them to consciously reclaim their natural way of being in the world. These inquiries often led my clients back through generational lines or soul lines to provide deep contextualization and liberation from behavioral patterns that previously seemed illogical.

This experience allowed me to discover and develop a deep empathic skill, for I found I could go on my client's journey with them to a useful degree. Over the years, I experienced so many different human conditions by merging with trusting individuals, I've come to a broad appreciation of humanity's long history of suffering and resilience. Though I've shifted my interest to Presence Based Coaching, (a reflection of my own development), this extensive experience allows me to create a coaching container full of radical non-judgment, deep compassion, and positive regard.

My personal journey led me to discover many inspiring teachers.

In my late twenties, I answered a call to go West, moving from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to San Fransisco, California. This impetus led me on a twenty-four-year adventure in the cultural sanctuary of the Bay Area where my curiosity and personal journey led me to discover many extraordinary teachers. I would like to express my appreciation for a few who touched my heart and still influence me to this day by quoting them below.

To end I'll just add that in 2014 I returned to North Carolina where I am enjoying the dramatic four seasons, the slower pace, and spending time with my parents. I especially enjoy hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains with my beloved.

I would love to learn about you. Treat yourself to your complimentary Clarity Call today!

Every experience I've had in my life is a resource in my body.

- Anna Halprin, dance revolutionary and founder of The Tamalpa Institute

Mother Earth is our church, and at any given time, as far as we can see is our altar.

- Fred Wahpepah, Kickapoo/Sac-and-Fox elder & founder of the Seven Circles Foundation

To find our center, we have to explore our outer edges.

 - Gabrielle Roth, dance shaman & creator of The Five Rhythms movement intensive