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"I coach heart-centered humans who can no longer resist the persistent, inner call of their potential."

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You are a dynamic being on a transformational journey. Naturally you want to explore and experience your potential. By potential I mean any longing you feel to be more satisfyingly you.
It could be a longing to be more focused, inspired, or playful. It might be a faint, persistent impulse to plant a garden or tell a story. It may be an enduring urge to share your creativity in a bigger way or an eagerness to contribute creatively to a more loving, vital world. It could be many things, and...
whatever IT is, your desire to experience it keeps calling your attention. It might feel like a promise that you made that you're trying to remember or keep. And since you're longing to fulfill it, (and since you're still reading this website), I welcome you to my safe, supportive space of becoming.
Yes, you...

with all your feelings, insights, values, ideas and gifts, as well as your habits, identities, circumstances and beliefs. I welcome any aspect of your multifaceted experience that you bring to our conversation.

So, what will I contribute?

I will offer my curiosity, caring and positive regard. I'll give you all of my attention and expertise, and in this potent, creative container, I'll listen carefully to everything you share. I'll be present with whatever arises within you in the moment. I'll offer questions, observations, and explorations. At times we'll bask in possibility and stillness. At times, you'll be invited to visualize in detail that is evocative and revitalizing.

As we partner together, our goals will be for you to replace outdated belief systems, gather your inner resources, and be moved to inspired action by the clarity that comes with embodied self-reflection. In this way, we'll follow the thread that can allow you to relax into the fullness of who you’re becoming & what you're wanting to experience.

Personalized plans will emerge from our conversations, and your commitment to them will allow you to experience the joy of making your fulfillment a priority. Though I can’t know what those plans will include, I can tell you that you'll be practicing the art of being present with yourself and others. This cultivation of presence will be essential because the present moment is where imagined change becomes real.

If my invitation appeals to you, click the button below to schedule your free, 25-minute Clarity Call. We can spend this time together via phone or video conference.

I look forward to partnering with you and for you.

Doug Silsbee

Thought Leader, Author

Founder of Presence Based Coaching

Working with presence opens the floodgates to an ever deepening experience of yourself that will touch every area of your life.